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SAFE Issue #2 - Santa Cruz Speed

A much safer speed with proper notification of limit

Santa Cruz Ave, thru Sand Hill to the “Y” at Alameda de las Pulgas, is a short 1,200 foot section of road way that experiences a very high accident rate, injuries, costly property damage, and deaths.  The paramount safety issue is speed and it is compounded by:

  • Excessively High accident rates (documented)
  • High number of cyclists and pedestrians - especially senior and school age
  • Driveways double the number for which the CVC recommends lower speeds
  • Senior Center with 120+ seniors
  • Confusing and unusual road conditions (curve, lane configuration changes)
  • Unsafe crosswalks - partially due to speed, visibility, and design

The high speed is a known problem and police, CHP, and Fire District all agree it is the main problem causing accidents here and a critical safety issue.

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Roadside speed limit and warning signs on this section of SCA are difficult for drivers to see and usually not seen by drivers, especially northbound. As one of the proposed solutions I suggest an overhead sign that spans SCA.

the high speed which the county allows along Santa Cruz Avenue, including in the narrow section between the "Y" and the Avy 4-way stop, makes normal neighborhood activities - walking dogs, walking children to school, cycling - extremely dangerous. The number of driveways suggests that slower speed limits are needed. Traffic mitigation along the Alameda -4 lanes - must not divert traffic to this 2-lane section of Santa Cruz.

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