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SAFE Issue #4 - Alameda Unsafe Speed

This short 4 block section of Alameda experiences a high accident rate, parents reporting near misses of vehicles almost hitting school children, requires bikes to co-mingle in traffic lanes due to lack of bike lanes, pedestrians have to use roadway due to unusable sidewalks, and traffic having to negotiate around left turning vehicles and lane reductions.   All this put cyclists and pedestrians at undo risk.

For 10+ miles to the north, from Belmont thru Atherton, and almost all of Menlo Park, Alameda de las Pulgas speed limit is 30 mph;  however, just before the major school crossing at Sharon Road and only through this zone for the next 3 blocks, the speed limit is jumped up to 35 mph.  This short area is a main route for two schools and a pre-school and neighborhood pedestrian traffic between these two east and west neighborhoods. 

Alameda is normally 30mph, except a short 4 block section at the school xing

There is no reason for the traffic speed to increase in this critical area, as no more traffic could flow through this roadway than if it were at 30 mph.  All of the feeder streets to Alameda are 25 mph streets and Alameda itself, is a single lane at 30 mph for the next 10+ miles.  Just this 4 block section is 35 mph. 

The number of accidents alone is more than enough justification to reduce the speed limit.  The consensus of parents, residents, pedestrians, and cyclists, is that 35 mph is too fast and it does not make sense to have this short 1,000 foot section be a different speed.  Such a short section should not have a different speed according to MUTCD (Sec. 2B.13.38) and the setting of the higher speed limit appears to have been done in violation of CVC 627.

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