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SAFE Issue #5 - Safe Egress - “Y” Residents

Residents have not safe egress due to high speed curve traffic

About 15 years ago, the county was supposed to have addressed a major safety issue of residents along the eastern side of Santa Cruz at the “Y”. Northbound Santa Cruz traffic does not stop as Santa Cruz splits at the “Y”. There is a significant turn in the road, vehicles attempting to leave their properties do not have safe visibility and only seconds to exit their driveways.

The county was to provide these residences with the ability to activate the traffic lights at the “Y” to stop northbound Santa Cruz traffic so that vehicles could safely exit these properties.  The county has either failed to install this provision or has let it lapse into disrepair and residents do not have a safe means of egress.

This also creates a very unsafe situation for pedestrians and cyclists since the resident has to concentrate on oncoming vehicular traffic and cannot observe others.  Also, the sidewalk is totally inadequate.

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It is also very unsafe to enter my driveway. The cars driving along this section are going too fast, so when I slow down to enter my driveway, the cars behind honk or swerve around me as I am turning. This is dangerous for other vehicles as well as cyclists who are continuing down Alameda or Santa Cruz Avenue.

The north-south segment of Santa Cruz should be a residential street, with wide sidewalks, wide bike lanes, and slow traffic. The County has allowed it to become a speedway for overflow and cut-through traffic. Lack of traffic planning around transportation for the large and growing employers in the area has put school children and other pedestrians& cyclists at the mercy of out-of-neighborhood cars and trucks. A stop sign or traffic light will not remedy the actual problem, which is residential streets being overwhelmed by cut-through traffic.

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