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SAFE Issue #6 - Palo Alto Way Crosswalk

Important Crosswalk can be much much safer

 The intersection at Palo Alto Way and Santa Cruz is a major crosswalk that connects to the Palo Alto Way bus stop and connects the various communities (Menlo Commons, Oak Hollow, University Park) with each other.  It has been a continual site of traffic accidents including a pedestrian fatality.    

Even after the death in the crosswalk, the county did virtually nothing to improve safety.  Santa Cruz Ave. traffic lanes (2 each direction) restrict motorists’ visibility because vehicles in one lane obscure sight of pedestrians crossing in the next lane.  There is also nothing to assure the pedestrian that the vehicles will stop. Additional major issues exist:

  • Traffic speed is unsafe for crosswalk
  • No Stop Limit lines to create safe - visible zone around crosswalk
  • Vehicles do an excessive amount of lane changing at this point
  • No crosswalk lights or other electronic safety aids
  • Crosswalk hard to see and is not 'ladder' striped

Click on the File link below to see the full Safety Issue and proposed solution options.  Have a suggestion or concern? Enter your Comment below.


This would seem an excellent place for an overhead sign warning drivers for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Pavement lights can be added for a little bit of safety at not much cost or controversy. A good example is the pavement lights at Ravenswood & Alma by the RR tracks.

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