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SAFE Issue #7 - Crosswalk at Alameda & Sharon Rd

The intersection at Sharon Rd and Alameda is a major school crossing for children at the 2 nearby schools. Many accidents occur at and near this intersection and parents have reported many near misses of cars almost hitting their children.  Multiple serious issues:

  • Curb corners are not ADA compliant 
  • No sidewalks and pathways undefined and in poor repair
  • No dedicated left turn lane - causes cars to swerve around turning cars
  • Major road reconfiguration occurs at/around Sharon Rd
  • Higher speed limit increase right where the major school use exists
  • Light does not provide all red delay - needed for safer pedestrian xing
  • High accident rate on this section of Alameda
  • No School Use warning signs to alert motorists of children usage
  • Obsticals in corner walkways cause pedestrians to use roadway

Crosswalk at Alameda & Sharon Rd - Major School Crossing

There is an is an abrupt change in the roadway right before this crosswalk where southbound Alameda changes from single lanes with Center turns to a higher speed limit, with two lanes each direction and no Center turn lanes;  and, looking from a northbound direction the two northbound lanes at Sharon Rd are merged to one lane.  A situation that creates unusual and unexpected traffic behaviors as drivers must react to the changes while at the same time avoiding cars turning left from the inside lanes and pedestrians and cyclists crossing the road.  No surprise here, but cars running the light is one of the resulting issues.

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Why not make this a 4-way red light when a pedestrian hits the walk button? Same for the light at the "y". All traffic must stop; no turns on red. This is a long-standing practice in the heart of the Financial District in SF and works very well. Plus it would slow down the traffic.

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