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SAFE Issue#11 - Safe Sidewalks - Alameda - North of Y

The walkways on Alameda from the Y to Avy Avenue are extremely narrow, sometimes 18”, are in extreme disrepair, require single file walking, strollers and wheelchairs must use roadway, and traffic signs, poles, and fire hydrants are placed in middle of walkway, even for new construction.   It goes without further discussion that there are no ADA compliant sections.

This is unacceptable that these walkways, after decades of complaints, are still in this condition.  It is just down right embarrassing that the County and City sill allow walkways to be blocked with signs, traffic light poles, and fire hydrants.  This is ongoing, as news construction in the last year have replicated these situations!! 


  • Sidewalks are not ADA compliant
  • Often are only 18” to 24” wide
  • Traffic signs and poles are placed in middle of walkway
  • New construction of homes do not correct sidewalk and new poles allowed to be placed in middle (this is a serious procedure/policy issue)
  • curbs are not cut for access (ADA)

Positives of Solution:

  • Sidewalk pathways would allow strollers and wheelchair access
  • Safer width for parents and children to walk abreast
  • Improved visibility for pedestrians of residential driveways and traffic


  • If Alameda road diet (Safety Option #1) is implemented, there is room to have fully compliant ADA sidewalks on both sides of street
  • City/County need to change their policy/procedures so that new construction improves walkways and stop placing poles in middle

The photos  below< and more photos in the File link below, hopefully provide insight into the many issues identified in this Safety Issue of walkways on Alameda north of the “Y”.

Sidewalks - Alameda de las Pulgas - from Y  

Sidewalks - Alameda de las Pulgas - from Y

Click on the File link below to see the full Safety Issue and proposed solution options.  Have a suggestion or concern? Enter your Comment below.


Thanks so much for being advocates about these issues! This is so important and something the County needs to take seriously. You have my support!

San Mateo County labels this area "urban" in county planning documents but its infrastructure does not approach the standard of Menlo Park streets in the immediate vicinity. The lack of maintenance in the unincorporated area of WMP again raises the question "why was this area not incorporated into MP when Sharon Heights was developed?" Is there a way to repair this mistake from the 1950's so that the WMP neighborhood does not take on all the chaotic characteristics of North Fair Oaks...the other section of MP that remains in county jurisdiction.

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