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SAFE Issue#14 - Traffic and Safety - Mitigation

Since the 2005 improvements to Sand Hill Road, not much has been done to address the ever growing issue of traffic volume.  In one sense, one could argue that the widening of Sand Hill Road at Santa Cruz has contributed to even greater volume of traffic.  No effective measures have been taken, nor are planned to reduce the volume of traffic.

Traffic volume reduction is key to improving all aspects of safety, reducing noise, and lowering pollution along the corridors of Santa Cruz, Alameda de las Pulgas, Alpine Road, Sand Hill, and Junipero Sierra Blvd.

Yet, even as this is written, Stanford is proposing even more office space within just hundreds of feet of the Sand Hill/Alpine/Santa Cruz intersection, adding hundreds of more cars, support and delivery vehicles, and compounding the traffic issues that are already out of control.

This Issue then is one to get the dialog going and actions promoted that would actually reduce traffic volume and improve quality of life for residents and improve safety for all.   Alternatives for commuters must be devised, put into planning, and implemented.  County Policies and Procedures need to be updated to keep from making the same mistakes in the future.  


  • Current traffic levels too high
  • No plans to reduce traffic
  • High accident rates
  • Limited public transit options
  • Unacceptable traffic noise/pollution
  • County Policy/Procedure Errors
  • City Policy/Procedure Errors
  • See File Link below for full description of this issue and ideas for mitigation... 

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