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SAFE Issue#15 - Crosswalks at Santa Cruz & Sand Hill

The Crosswalks at Santa Cruz Ave and Sand Hill Road put pedestrians and cyclists in danger as:

  • High speed and high volume of vehicles travel through intersection
  • Excessively high collision rates (documented) including a cyclist fatality in 2016 occur at this intersection
  • Used by nearby Menlo Commons Senior Center with 120+ seniors
  • Confusing and unusual road conditions (curve, lane configuration changes)
  • Unsafe crosswalks - partially due to speed, visibility, and design (standard parallel pavement markings are currently present)
  • “No Turn on Red” sign is frequently ignored by W-bound Sand Hill Rd vehicles turning onto Santa Cruz Ave.

Crosswalks - Santa Cruz - Sand Hill

Click on the File link below to see the full Safety Issue and proposed solution options.  Have a suggestion or concern? Enter your Comment below.


I noticed when riding from Alameda to Stanford that there's no signal detector loop for cyclists in the left-hand turn lane from Santa Cruz to Sand Hill. In other words, a cyclist hoping to turn left from the left turn lane must wait until a car comes and triggers the signal.

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