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SAFE Issue#17 - Additional Important Issues

 Issues continue to be identified through community discussion, emails received at our email address, and through comments on the website (  This section then, is meant to capture those latest and last minute issues that haven't yet been defined or incorporated.

Safety Issue 17A:    Center Turn Lane Used as Traffic Lane

Just before Sand Hill Rd, southbound Santa Cruz motorists are misusing the center turn lane by driving it as a traffic lane to get to the left turn lanes at Sand Hill Rd.   This creates an very dangerous and risky situation for vehicles exiting the south drive of Menlo Commons.

While normal 2 traffic lanes stop and leave lanes clear for safer left turn exit from Menlo Commons, southbound motorists using the center lane as a traffic lane are not visible, do not stop, and travel into the path of exiting cars at a high speed.

Dangerous use of Center Turn Lane as traffic lane

Proposed Solution Option 17A:  Terminate Turn Lane after South Drive of Menlo Commons

Residents have suggested that an in lane sign or a blocking poles just south of the Menlo Commons driveway and before the beginning of the left turn lane queues at Sand Hill rd would discourage and prohibit motorists misusing the center turn lane.    Such a device should get Fire District approval to insure that emergency vehicles have an effective route.

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